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The ESTP Berlin and the EETP Barcelona are the only institutions in Europe with certified courses for Tattooing.  

Our certificate endorsed by the "Real Decreto 716" and the "Modulo Formativo 0068-3" in Spain, is valid in all European territory.  


Choose between different courses to meet your specific needs: From certified tattoo training course to practical skills development. 


Our courses at a glance


This certified tattoo education is designed for those who work in the artistic field and want to develop their artistic vein by focusing on tattoos and developing skills to create tattoos with quality and safety.

Languages: DE / EN

The course is divided into three parts.

The first part (196 hours) consists of 100% classroom instruction and covers the following topics:

- Applied Arts I and II

- Mechanical and Material Techniques I and II (MMT).

- History of tattooing - included in the Applied Arts II

- Applied tattooing techniques (TAT) I and II

- Hygiene and safety - included in the modules TAT I and II

The Second Part (about 150 Hours) consists of a semi-independent work in which participants must make 16 tattoos on artificial skin with daily practice at home to properly assimilate everything they have learned in the classroom phases.

Each week the student must submit their homework assignments to be graded.

The third part (minimum of 150 Hours) is intended for an internship in a professional studio, which marks the end of the course.


The goal of this training is to equip students with the techniques, knowledge and skills to develop a professional practice as a tattoo artist.

We prepare students for the usual daily activities of a tattoo studio, the implementation of hygienic and sanitary regulations, the preparation of designs and their application on the skin.


- The course includes a professional Tattoo Kit with machine, power supply, clipcord (and foot switch if needed) to be used during the course. 

This is a presence course.


Monday to Friday 9:30 to 13:30


maximum number of participants: 10


Investment: 4.120 EUR* (for information about payment in installments please contact us)


- Be at least 18 years old by the end of the course.

- Experience in drawing - you will be asked to submit a portfolio of your drawings. 

- Current vaccination protection against hepatitis and tetanus. 


An application is required for this course. To apply for this course, the individual must pay an application fee.


After paying the fee, the person must send an art portfolio and a resume with a letter of motivation to the school. 


The application process is not complete until an art portfolio and resume with letter of motivation are submitted. 


If admission is denied, the application fee will be refunded. 


If acceptance into the course is confirmed, participants will receive a confirmation of participation and the full course fee will be due.

APPLICATION HERE  or via Email an


In this tattoo course we will work on the areas of knowledge necessary for the full development of the student's skills.

Languages: DE / EN

From theoretical lessons like the history of tattooing to the more practical lessons like knowing the machines and their parts, drawing skills and tattooing techniques.


- Understand the origins, historical development, and present of tattooing;


- Learning how to respond to a commission and develop a concept;


- Acquiring the tools necessary to capture a concept as a graphic project and realize it as a tattoo on synthetic skin (knowing the technical steps and the necessary materials);


- Acquiring the necessary training to perform tattoos on human skin in compliance with sanitary regulations;


- Acquire the knowledge necessary to perform the activity responsibly in order to avoid health risks;


- Know the stages and complexity of the realization of a tattoo through a project in a professional studio;

The content of this course:

- Basic and Advanced Drawing: You will learn the basics of drawing, the use of artistic materials, composition, anatomy, lighting, etc., as well as the most commonly used color techniques for the realization of designs, always focusing on the application and preparation of a tattoo. These designs will be used later in the topics of tattooing techniques.


- Mechanical and Material Techniques (MMT): you will learn the operation, parts, maintenance, calibration and regulation techniques of tattoo machines.


- History of Tattooing: we will discuss the origins of tattooing, its importance in different cultures and societies, the main traditional and modern techniques of tattooing and the instruments used for it throughout history. All this in a very dynamic way along with the drawing techniques that underlie them.


- Applied Techniques of Tattooing (TAT): you will be able to see everything related to the preparation of the material, the designs, the preparation and placement of decals, as well as the application and practice of the different techniques used in tattooing itself, on synthetic skin.


We will work on different styles and materials: Working on synthetic skin to gain the knowledge to eventually tattoo human skin, as well as everything necessary for good practice of application and work environment along with hygiene. 


You will learn with our experts everything you need to acquire the right knowledge and skills to work as a tattoo artist.


This is a presence course. 


Monday to Friday 9:30 to 13:30


maximum number of participants: 6

Investment: 2.950 EUR* (for information about payment in installments please contact us)

REGISTRATION HERE  or via Email an


Introduction course

This introductory tattoo course is designed for our students to learn and develop the basic skills and practices on artificial skin necessary for their further development as tattoo artists.

Languages: DE / EN

This is a theoretical and practical course in which we teach you the basics of drawing for the development of designs.


We also teach the main techniques of tattoo application, knowledge of the tools, machine characteristics, settings and much more.


The course is divided into three modules of different hours, focusing on classroom work and exercises at home.

- Arts I

- Mechanical and Material Techniques (MMT)

- Techniques applied to tattooing. (TAT)


Art I: We will work on the basics of drawing so that you can develop an artistic knowledge focused on improving the designs and the subsequent practice of tattooing.


We will see how to build the design based on the sketch by working on lighting, volume, arrangement of elements, areas, etc.


Mechanical and Materials Techniques (MMT): we teach in detail about tattoo machines, their parts, how they work, how to adjust and adapt them. You will acquire technical and practical knowledge to adjust these machines for optimal performance, depending on the type of tattooing or groups of needles to be used.


Applied Techniques of Tattooing I (TAT): we teach the steps to follow for the correct application of a tattoo, the preparation of the work area, the knowledge of what materials to use for each type of application, the preparation and application of the stencils and more.


We focus on the correct implementation and application of all aspects related to tattooing through practice-oriented lessons.

This is a presence course.


Monday to Friday 9:30 to 13:30


maximum number of participants: 10


Investment: 1.600 EUR* (for information about payment in installments please contact us)

REGISTRATION HERE  or via Email an


for those who have some knowledge about tattooing

This course aims to deepen and improve aspects of tattoo design and application, as well as perfect and expand working techniques.

Languages: DE / EN

The Advanced Tattoo course aims to deepen and improve aspects of tattoo design and work, perfect and refine working techniques, both in color and black and white, so that you can tackle any design that comes your way.


The course is designed for those who already have a basic knowledge of drawing and / or tattooing and want to expand their knowledge for their development as an artist and / or tattoo artist.


The course consists of three modules in which the student develops the necessary knowledge for the conception of motifs, as well as the necessary techniques for the application of the same in a tattoo, always in a practical way


- Art II

- Mechanical and Material Techniques II (MMT II)

- Applied Techniques of Tattooing II (T.A.T II)


Each subject is a continuation of the subjects from the Basic Tattoo Course (part of the Tattoo Training and the Certified Tattoo Training).

It is recommended that the person enrolling directly in this course have basic knowledge and some previous experience in tattooing.


This is a classroom course


Monday to Friday 9:30 to 13:30


maximum number of participants: 6


Investment: 2.100 EUR* (for information about payment in installments please contact us)

REGISTRATION HERE  or via Email an

For more information and the complete list of our courses and workshops please contact us

*Für weitere Informationen und Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bitte Kontakt aufnehmen. 

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